New Construction

Vehicular Bridge

LLocation: Redmond, WA

Year: 2016

The existing bridge was no longer safe for vehicular passing; the client’s request from us was to construct a new bridge with paying attention to their limited budget. We came up with a solution that instead of reinforcing the existing bridge with lots of I-beam and resurfacing the bridge, we purchased a trailer and use it as a structure, then we reinforced it with pouring concrete on top it.

Tiny House

Location: Edmonds, WA
Year: 2016

With the increasing of demand for houses and apartments and prices relatively, Our team was asked to build a tiny house for this client which saved him a good amount money.

Master Bedroom Addition

Location: Federal Way, WA
Year: 2017- Current

Our team was asked to design, applying for a permit and build an addition to a 1978 rambler house that includes

  • One master bedroom

  • One kitchen

  • One bathroom

  • One living room

Suite Addition And Remodel

Location: Edmonds, WA

Year: 2017

Our team was asked to design, obtain the permit and build an addition-two story suite to a 1984 house. The scope of project was as follow:

  • Complete interior remodeling

  • Site work

  • Vaulted ceiling for existing living room

  • two new bedrooms 

  • one new master bedroom for addition suite

  • one new kitchenfor addition

  • one new living room for addition

  • one new deck 

  • Roofing

Living Room – Bedroom Addition

LLocation: Redmond, WA

Year: 2017-current

Our team was asked to design and build an addition which opens up to an existing house. Two major issues were: 1) Multiple large trees that block the light- Our solution: Using four skylight to lit the space from above and apply for tree removal permit.

2) Existing of multiple layers of top soil in addition to near wetland situation – Our solution: excavating all the top soil and fill the area with crushed rock to stabilize the ground and prepare for pouring concrete phase.

  • One master bedroom
  • One living room

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