Land Development

Commercial Land Subdivision

Location: Seattle, WA

Year: 2015

Part of this land belongs to the city of Seattle and since the owner wasn’t informed about this, they dumped huge amounts of soil and garbage’s onto the land which created land erosion and some environmental issues.

 Our team was asked to:

  • Bring back the land to its initial condition and elevation.

  • Subdivide the land

  • Stop the erosion

  • Control the environment around it

Truck Garage

LLocation: Kent, WA

Year: 2015

This land used to be vacant for a long time.

Our team was asked to:

  • Develop the land
  • Subdivide the land
  • Bring electricity from the street to the site.
  • Add a septic tank
  • Construct a retaining wall to extend the land
  • Construct a pond and adding drainage for controlling water



Flood Prevention

Location: Kent, WA

Year: 2015

In the year 2015 due to record breaking precipitation, this land flooded which blocked the walkway so no one could pass. Additionaly a broken pipe made the land ever worse. 

 Our team was asked to:

  • Replace the broken drainage pipe with a new system

  • Add a Catch Basin

  • Bring crush stone to the site to prevent future mud problems


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